Out in the yard with some of our bronze and silver bangles and a bronze thumbprint ring

bangles bronze bangles bronze ring bronze thumbprint ring silver bangles stackable bracelets stackable rings thumbprint ring

We just did a refresh of our yard which included new plants of course, but what I'm really appreciating are the truckloads of blue river rocks that now carpet much of the back yard.

I thought it would be a lovely backdrop for some of our metal jewelry like these silver and bronze bangles and the bronze thumbprint ring and it is!  Both the  bangles and the ring are stackable - they look great in multiples.  They have a classic look with a contemporary twist.  The bracelets and the ring are wax cast and have an organic, imperfect feel to them that shows some of the visible signs of process that I love.

You can find bangle bracelets and thumbprint rings in our online shop.

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