Blue Agnes at Alt Summit 2020

blue agnes Elizabeth Necklace lace medallion necklace Natalie Ring silver clay lace medallion necklace silver jewelry silver lace medallion necklace silver thumbprint ring stackable thumbprint rings thumbprint ring

A blonde woman (Ann) wearing reading glasses and looking at her phone.  She is wearing Blue Agnes jewelry, specifically the silver medallion lace Elizabeth Necklace, the silver scuptural Natalie Ring, and three silver Thumbpring Rings stacked on her right index finger. She is smiling softly and looks happy.

 Ann and I have been in Palm Springs at Alt Summit 2020 this week!  Today is the last day of the conference and we have learned soooo much!  We have been to all kinds of workshops and roundtables on how to optimize our use of various social media platforms.  And we've had lovely sister time and some really good food. It's been great to be with all the (mostly) women entrepreneurs that are here.

We've been wearing our jewelry all week, of course, showing it off and talking about it.  Here is Ann looking beautiful in our Elizabeth Necklace, Natalie Ring, and a cute stack of Thumbprint Rings. These are all easy to wear pieces that you can wear everyday like Ann does!

See the Elizabeth Necklace, the Natalie Ring, and the stacking Thumbprint Rings on our website.

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